We do have a large terms (Here), but we broke it down simple.


Virtual Products / Services

For pre-made Virtual Products: Please wait 1 – 2 business days for delivery.

For custom Virtual Products: Please wait 1 – 7 business days for delivery.


Shipping will be handled same day of payment if it is sent before 12:00pm US Eastern. Please make sure that the shipping address is correct as we WILL install a tracking number.


Returns are accepted 7 days after item is received. Buyer must pay return shipping.


Although it’s great to get the best deals online and save money, sometimes things get risky. Here is our terms to use Got.Cheap and Visiting/Navigating this site is accepting and being bound to these terms.


Got.Cheap and it’s operators not liable for loss of income or theft of property resulting form any negotiations done on or through Got.Cheap it’s system and website.

Be sure to use common sense when selling or buying. Do not send out any personal information, or any vital confidential credentials.


Buying and Selling, or contracts established on this website are bound to the laws where the negotiations took place, and the buyer or seller have either paid or received any currency in their respective jurisdiction.


Please do not post any adult content on this website. Got.Cheap will delete any hookup advertisements or any illegal content or advertisements.


Information including Phone, Name, or any identification on Got.Cheap shall not be used for inappropriate, harassment, annoyance, scamming, illegal activities, identity theft, impersonation or defrauding.


Got.Cheap is not affiliated, represents, or connected with any of the advertisements or company or entities that are shown on the sidebars, footer, or headers. It is also extended to advertisements on the Local Classifieds Page or home page that were published either automatically or manually on Got.Cheap.

Got Cheap occasionally scrapes advertisements from all over the internet in the United States. This is courtesy, if asked we will take down any listing with proof of Identification.